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Introduction to antennas
What is an antenna?
Brief history of antennas
Categories of antenna
Common applications for antennas
Fundamental parameters of antennas
The mechanism for antenna radiation
Radiation patterns
Poynting vector and average radiated power
Directivity, Gain, Efficiency, and EIRP
Scattering parameters, and VSWR
Input impedance
Polarization, and XPD
Introduction to the Excel spreadsheet which performs
    useful antenna design calculations
Equipment for antenna measurement
Common forms of antenna
Introduction to common types of antenna
Antennas within a system
Introduction to transmission lines
Propagation of RF energy
Loss budgets
Your knowledge is our passion
Short Course on Antennas
Outline of the Antenna Training Programme*

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Please note that delegates will be encouraged to attempt tutorial exercises at regular intervals throughout the course. These exercises are designed to reinforce the students understanding and aid memory.






* We reserve the right to change the details of programme as part of our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of the courses which we provide.